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What is a running belt?

A running belt is a pack that straps around your waist and functions like an armband. Its purpose is to hold your belongings during your run or your workout. While a running belt can have other functions, like carrying water bottles, the main thing is to hold your phone and keys while running.

Common Features of Running Belts

Like the sweaty hand’s problem mentioned previously, carrying a water bottle while running is like waiting for a disaster. Stashing a water bottle in a running belt is the perfect solution. This will also eliminate the need to stop at a water fountain or anywhere else to find water.

We have three types of running belts with several colours such as blue, purple, etc. The three types include: Thin Range Running Belt, Running Belt with Water Bottle holder and Running Belt.

The belts are effective for taking good care of your music device and headphones, keys, phone, cash, credit and ID cards while allowing you to focus on your workout.

They are perfect for running but can also be used for: tennis, yoga, table tennis, football, badminton, basketball, hiking, and other sports. They also fit phones of 6 inches or under. Running belts are unisex in design and also relatively inexpensive.


Why use Running Belts? Here are reasons why you should

Aside from just fitting around your waist comfortably, running belts really make your runs more comfortable. If you go for a run and decide to carry your belongings by hand, this can quickly grow tiring.

Holding things in your hands for any amount of time is very uncomfortable. If you start off on a run with your keys in one hand and a bottle of water in the other, you will soon find just how annoying and tiring your hands get. This added weight in your hands would begin to drag you down and distract you from your run, which is never good.

Using your Running Belts

Besides helping with your commute to work, running belts can be useful in all kinds of other scenarios as well. The possibilities are endless with these things.

Tuck your shirt into your shorts or pants before wearing the running belt. This way, you do not have to pull your shirt just to access your belt and the things in it. Wear the belt around your waist. You should place it on your belly button line. Then make the adjustments to fit your size. If you wear the belt too low or around your hips, it has a higher chance of slipping off as you move.

Secure the belt by fastening the Velcro or clasp closure. It should look and feel nice and snug. Wearing it tightly will minimize excessive bounce or jiggle while running.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of running belts differs according to the type and style, and the additional function it can bring. It is important to note that buying one will surely give you the support and keep your items in place. Most importantly, it is sold at a guaranteed best price!


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